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Just Draw It is an online group drawing course in which I will teach you how to draw like a pro, in just 5 weeks.

  • Are you feeling frustrated about not being able to draw what you want to draw? 
  • Do you have a busy life that makes it hard to find some drawing time for your creative outbursts?
  • Are you annoyed by the fact that you sometimes feel intimidated by other people who draw much better than you?
  • Do you like drawing, but feel like you’re ‘stuck’ in one drawing style or technique?
Learn how to draw like this through step by step instructions
By doing this course you can:
  • Gain confidence about your drawings 
  • Learn how to implement your drawing time into your busy schedule by making drawing a life habit
  • Leave intimidation, welcome inspiration
  • Draw anything you can think of
  • Feel like a real pro
  • Impress the (grand)kids with super fun drawings
  • Have lots of new friends (your class mates!) 
  • Have a lifetime membership to the JustDrawIt community and online clubhouse

Who can join?
I developed this online group program for people who love drawing, but feel frustrated because they lack the skills to draw what they want.

Everything I teach you in this course is based on my experiences and education. I'm an illustrator with a background in photography and graphic design. Believe it or not, but once I felt frustrated about my creative life too. It was hardly existing even though I was working in the creative business. By picking up my pencils and getting back to using simple and basic techniques, I found my creative voice again and haven't stopped using it ever since. By learning new things every day, I keep challenging myself, and I keep growing as an artist.

I love drawing and do it all the time, I draw every day. I want to inspire you to do that too.  The program is designed for both beginners and the more skilled, who are interested in exploring and expanding their creative boundaries, and who want to enjoy drawing even more.

"Does it work for me?" I imagine you may ask. As long as you're interested in drawing, this is for you. I've had people with very different levels of drawing (from hardly any experience to the well skilled) joining this course already. 
Beginners learn basic techniques to grow on, the more skilled will find many ways to expand their drawing skills and find new techniques and styles to use in their work.
"I am still learning." 

How does it work?
During this course, every week you will find a new lesson on the course website. With each lesson, you will learn a new technique. The course website will be filled with weekly instructions, step-by-step video- and photo-tutorials, and assignments with guaranteed feedback. On the course website, you can share your work for feedback from me and your peers, and see their work too. This way we can easily share experiences, compare results and help each other to stay in flow like a pro.

In addition to all this, we will build an online community with all the participants, both on the course website and also through a private Facebook group and a Flickr group. 

When is it?
The online course will start on 2 February 2015.
The fifth, and last lesson will be on 2 March 2015.

You will be able to login to the course website for 2 more weeks afterwards. This way you will have the opportunity to catch up any missed lessons.
All you need for it is a couple of simple materials (bring your own): pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, paper and a set of basic colour pencils.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to draw and never had the opportunity to do it, let’s stop blaming our busy lives for not doing what we love doing - JustDrawIt!

I can't wait for the fun to begin! Can you?

Can't make it in February?
Not to worry, there's a new run of the course in spring 2015, 
we'll keep you posted!

Can't wait until February?
Wy don't you consider ploishing up your creative habit, and sign up for my online workshop 'Awesome Art Journaling'? Click here to find out more about it.

This is for you if You:
-like drawing-want to boost your drawing skills in a fun group environment that will inspire you
want to work at your own pace, with weekly assignments
-are curious to learn new things and be creative
-would like to see how you can surprise yourself

This is NOT for you if You:
-think you need to be a talented person to be able to draw
don’t like drawing at all
want to be in a ‘live’ classroom

Just click the button below to register and settle the payment of $99 for the course through Paypal.  

Click the button above to register, and pay through PayPal

So, you might be wondering: "Is it worth the money?"
"Goedkoop is duurkoop"
is a Dutch saying - Free translation: things that look cheap, mostly are a waste of money and time. This course is neither cheap nor a waste.

Make a small investment and spend about 2 or 3 hours a week on doing your assignments (fun weekend projects!), and you are treating yourself to a creative skill that will last a life time.
Speaking of which: you get life time entrance in the ever growing JustDrawIt private Facebook group and Flickr group, where you will find your class mates and all participants that have done the course before. Bonus is that you'll always get my feedback on what you post there, and I'm there to answer questions, even after the course has ended.

Want to know what to expect?
Here's the course syllabus:

Week 1: Basic drawing techniques, using pencil
We start out by talking about the basics of drawing: lines, negative spaces and proportions.
I will show you some tricks on drawing what you see instead of drawing what you know.

Week 2: Shadows and shading, using pencil
In this lesson you learn the techniques for hatching, cross hatching, blending and rendering.
You will get to know your tools (pencils and paper) a bit better, and we talk about light and shadow and how to translate those onto your paper.

Week 3: Drawing in colour, using coloured pencils
It's been a lot of grey in the first lessons, and there's still traces of graphite under our nails!
Time to take out our colour pencils and learn about colour characteristics, primary, secondary, and complementary colours, and more importantly: how to use this knowledge.

Week 4: Drawing people
Let's face our fears about translating the human figure in your sketchbook.
First some basics about the human body, its skeleton and muscle structure. Then I will show you a few tricks and you will see that drawing people is not as hard as you think.

Week 5: Drawing faces and hands
Many people dread drawing hands and faces. These are the most expressive parts of the human body.
We'll look into the anatomy, and I have a few tricks that will make it easier and fun.

Previous participants say...
"Many thanks Koosje for a very nice drawing course with so many clever tips, inspiration and not to forget your constructive feedback. I'm so looking forward to the next level!!!! Meanwhile I'll keep practising :)”
- Cathy Levesque. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Photographer - 

  "Just Draw It! was such a fun course. I learned so many new techniques and was amazed at what I could produce by following the tutorials. Koosje's instructions were easy to follow and the combination of videos, images and step-by-step written information made learning easy. The course material was extremely thorough too. Thanks for a great course, Koosje!"
- Jodi Wiley, Melbourne, Australia (artist, writer, teacher) -

"Koosje explains the techniques in such a way, that both experienced artists and un-experienced artists can learn a great deal, and whatever level they're on, move to the next. Easy to understand, step-by-step instructions and the group forums are amazing"-Nastasha Nunes. Cape Town, South Africa. Student at CollegeSA and illustrator. - 

"You can draw better than you think! This step-by-step course is a great help." 
- Frans Koene. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Retired photographer. -


"I finally got the chance to draw again, after such a long time. All of my family members could draw so great that I was always scared to draw, to fail. Now I could show them some drawings and they were really proud of me. I love to draw!"
- Femke Bosch. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Architect. -

"I love the 'JustDrawIt!' teaching method and style (the simple steps in the lessons make me braver to draw and to try new techniques). The lessons look simple and are enjoyable and they are full of techniques and helpful tips."
- Zeynep Erdal Caner. Istanbul, Turkey. City planner. -

"This is a great course for people who can already draw, but it is also simple enough for a beginner. The lessons and videos are well planned, and give enough detail to give you confidence in your ability to draw. "
- Jill Brooke. Clare, South Australia Australia. Retired, and studying to be an online art teacher. -

"I really enjoyed the course. The personal approach with the Facebook'club' was a nice way to do this course separately together."
-Wendy Heyer. Utrecht, the Netherlands. Owner of a cookie company.- 

"I have really enjoyed the course. I love Koosje's fresh contemporary, humorous, illustrative approach. She's able to explain things so clearly. Shading, rubbing out, reworking and the multiplicity of her work and exploring characters from so many angles have been enjoyable to learn. It will be interesting to see how all this merges with my other work as time goes by." 
- Suzi Poland. Avalon, Sydney, Australia. Artist, Imagineer and Creative Coach -

"The combination of text, images and video is very powerful. There was SO MUCH content"

- Samantha Jones. Grass Valley, USA. Staff member at an elementary school office. -

 What happens after you have paid?
  • When enrolling, you will be asked to register (and create a password) through a form, and then settle the payment through PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email from Paypal and also one from me. This confirms your participation and your seat in the course.
  • By receiving the confirmation emails, you are assured of a seat in the online course and you agree to keep the page password strictly to yourself and to not share it with others.
  • All content and materials provided in the course are copyright protected.
  • The payment is non-refundable. Of course, I know sometimes unexpected things happen, and life can get in the way. Whenever something like this happens we'll figure out a fitting solution.

If you're just as excited about this as I am
you know what to do: enroll today for only $99

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When enrolling, you agree:
  • to keep the page password strictly to yourself and to not share it with others.
  • that all drawings you make in class can be used on my blog and website to show the word how amazing my participants are.
  • that the payment is non-refundable

Treat yourself to the creative skill that will last a life time