Sunday, April 27, 2014

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This self Portrait Project is getting out of hand, and I like it!
Doing self portraits gives me the opportunity to try out many techniques, and it gives me a lot of practice on making a portrait that looks like me (so far I haven't succeeded many times, but I'm having a lot of fun anyway)
On this selfie, I got a response that it had a little bit of 'the Shining' feel to it. I thought, 'now there's a fun idea! I'll try a drawing based on that famous film still of Jack Nicholson's 'heeeeere's Johnny!'
So I did.

Then, I got the question what would be the next film?
And.... another idea was born: to bring a bit of extra challenge, and to add diversity in my self portraits (it is, after all, the same face over and over again).
On my Facebook Page, people have been suggesting film titles and characters, that I could use for my film-themed selfies.

So if you have a suggestion for me... bring it on!


  1. Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? Avatar? Of series.... The Walking Dead....?

    1. I thought of harry Potter, yeah... oh but Lord of the Rings, that should be interesting too! I like all of your suggestions; noted them! Thanks Anoeska, dankjewel!

    2. You're welcome! I can't wait to see more selfies... ;-)

  2. Oh... By the way... I really, really like your selfies! :)

  3. The movie selfies are good I like them a lot


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